Inspired by
the Future

We’re inspired by the opportunity to save more lives in the years to come. Join us in celebrating the new energy and lifesaving innovations in store for 2016 and beyond.


New Horizons

Initials Out
Name In

We’re swapping our old name and acronym for a title that better fits our mission: Mid-America Transplant (not MTS, MT, or MAT)

The blue horizon in our logo symbolizes new possibilities inspired by life.


Diane Brockmeier takes over as CEO

After nearly 30 years as president and CEO of Mid-America Transplant, Dean F. Kappel has retired and is succeeded by Diane Brockmeier, who served as COO for 29 years

Quest for Excellence Conference

Mid-America Transplant will take the stage at this national event to share knowledge and best practices learned on our Baldrige journey

Inaugural Celebrate Life 5k Run/Walk

Mid-America Transplant to host the inaugural Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk at Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park in West St. Louis County


Inspired by...

The Future
An open letter from Diane Brockmeier, President & CEO of Mid-America Transplant

To our partners, families, and community members,

It has been a momentous year for organ and tissue transplant in our region. Through our shared commitment to donation, we provided 618 organs for lifesaving transplants, and helped hundreds of people through tissue donations. With your support, we set donation records for Mid-America Transplant and continued to improve our processes to give more patients a better quality of life.

We began 2016 by thanking Dean Kappel for his long and inspiring tenure as our president and CEO for nearly 30 years. It has been a privilege to work alongside Dean over the past three decades to establish Mid-America Transplant as one of the most innovative organ and tissue procurement organizations in the United States. This legacy of leadership is made possible because of the strong belief in our mission that you share with us.

Over the next few years, our team will pursue even more innovations to improve organ and tissue donation. I will take an active role in national conversations about issues that impact the accomplishment of our vision: Organs and tissues are always available to those in need.

Every day I am humbled by the countless stories of generous donor families, the perseverance of transplant patients, and the incredibly talented medical professionals with whom we work every day to save lives. I am inspired by your dedication to donation and by the importance of our lifesaving mission.

Together, I am confident we can save more lives in 2016, and beyond.


Diane Brockmeier, President & CEO

Mid-America Transplant


At Mid-America Transplant, we are working toward a future where organs and tissues are always available to those in need.

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