Transplant Foundation

We created the Mid-America Transplant Foundation to support those involved in the organ and tissue donation process, from donor families to transplant patients.


A Home Away from Home

Families stayed at the Family House

The Family House provides a home away from home for patients and families who relocate to St. Louis for pre- and post-transplant care

Supporting Our Community

Distributed by Mid-America Transplant Recipient Fund

This emergency fund assists pre- and post-transplant patients with medications, transportation, and other services

Partner and Community Grants

This funding improves the health of our communities through educational programs and advancements in organ and tissue donation

Nursing Scholarships

These grants support current and future students pursuing critical care nursing careers in St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri


Inspired by...

2015 Liver Recipient

Gavin was diagnosed with alpha one antitrypsin deficiency when he was a year old. He received a lifesaving liver transplant and new beginning at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 2015.

While receiving post-transplant care, Gavin and his family stayed at the Mid-America Transplant Family House, which lets families stay together in a home away from home during a challenging time.

Gavin aspires to be a pilot and would even like to deliver lifesaving organs to recipients one day.


The Mid-America Transplant Foundation supports people across the spectrum of the donation process by providing emergency funds, scholarships, and a home away from home when families need it most.

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