Thanks to the generosity of our donors and donor families, we helped restore sight, treat disease, and extend life for hundreds of transplant patients in 2015.


2015 in Review

Tissue Donors from 2015

A record number for Mid-America Transplant, these cornea, skin, bone and heart valve donations improved the lives of transplant patients nationwide, helping as many as 75,000 people

Breakdown of Tissues Transplanted

Bone Donors

This record number of bone donors improved quality of life for thousands of people suffering from critical or debilitating conditions

Cornea Transplants

Cornea transplants from Mid-America Transplant donors restored vision for patients across the nation and beyond

Skin Donors

Skin donations from Mid-America Transplant are used to create skin grafts for patients with critical burns and other wounds

Heart Valves

Heart valves are typically transplanted into children born with heart defects; this number is up from 147 in 2014


Inspired by...

Eye and Tissue Donor

Timmy suffered from the same heart condition that previously took the life of his older brother. He passed away in February 2015.

Prior to his passing, Timmy and his mom signed up for the state donor registry at an event sponsored by Mid-America Transplant. The Morrow Family is proud of the gifts that Timmy was able to give through tissue donation. His mother and sister often speak at events, sharing Timmy’s motto, “Keep your head up and your heart strong.”


In 2015, gifts of cornea, skin, bone, and heart valves from our generous donors and donor families changed thousands of lives for the better.

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